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Photos for : Deutsches Staatstheater Temeswar / Teatrul German de Stat Timişoara / German State Theatre Timişoara

I started a collaboration with the German State Theatre Timişoara in late 2011. It proved out to be one of my most fruitful collaborations yet and the photos that I took during this period, are amongst my favorites.

All these photos are property of the German State Theatre Timişoara and they are here with their kind permission.



The German State Stage Timişoara was founded by a decree of the Bucharest Council of Ministers as German section of the State Theatre Timişoara on 1st January 1953. In 1956 the theatre gained administrative independence and was renamed “German State Theatre Timişoara”, the name it bears until today. Since its foundation 400 productions were staged. About 2.5 million people saw more then 10,000 performances in almost all places with German inhabitants in Romania. Guest performances took place in the former GDR and after 1989 in the Federal Republic of Germany, Austria, Poland, Hungary, France, Croatia and Serbia. The German State Theatre Timişoara (GSTT) over the years became a significant and identity supporting cultural institution of the Romanian-Germans and was decisively conducive – especially during difficult times – to the maintaining of the language and culture of this community.

The exclusive position as minority theatre is history for ten years now. In course of the mass exodus of the Romanian-Germans in the 1970, 80s and 90s the theatre needed to explore new territory. Our new target audiences are mainly young Romanians who are interested in the German language and, a growing German-speaking community in several towns and cities in Romania.  And, nonetheless the non-German-speaking for whom the theatre provides simultaneous translation or supertitles in Romanian. To be received as German language theatre of the highest quality among Romanians and the German-speaking community in Romania is one of our strongest aims. Moreover, we are striving to present our productions nationwide, also with the intent to support regular and continuous theatre visits in German language within regions with German-speaking population to strengthen the importance of the German language and culture in those regions.

One of the most exciting tasks under these new circumstances is to creatively combine impulses from several theatre cultures. Directors from Romania and Germany, from Austria or Canada found a creative and multicultural platform, which mainly arises from the artistic relationships with the Romanian National Theatre and the Hungarian State Theatre Timişoara. Thus, not only directors well-known in Romania staged authors ranging from Shakespeare, Brecht and Ionesco to contemporary dramatists like Mark Ravenhill, Marius von Mayenburg and Dea Loher. Invitations for festivals and guest performances abroad affirm our approach and direction.